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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't Judge A Book By Its Simplicity

I was recently interested in Seasons of the Heart by Cynthia Freeman. When I started it, I actually felt it was rather materialistic and simple. Infatuated girl marries her lover and they live happily ever after.

Seasons of the Heart by Cynthia Freeman

But then the war started to intervene and I was reading 10 chapters a day! I came to the conclusion that Freeman wanted to feel Ann Coulter's naivity in the beginning and, as the story progressed, feel her improvement in ourselves. Pretty awesome technique, I would say.

It's amazing how a story with a simple plot can reveal depth at the same time. I love the way Ann develops from the naive girl to a successful business woman and I haven't even finished reading the novel!

I love the portrayal of marriage in the story the most. This is a must-read for people under the belief that marriage is perfection. I love Freeman's thematic expression of the walls between Ann and Phillip. Add their daughter, Evie, into the midst and you've got a full-scale family drama.

As a side-not, this is no review of this novel, but a simple expression of my surprise at the depth in such a simple story-line.

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