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Monday, July 2, 2012

Unexpected Gifts, Killer Footballs, and Endless Words On Paper

Yes, the post title says it all! Anyways, my first post for July 2012!

Okay, so, unexpected gifts? Well, I got an external hard disk today! No, I never had one before! Now I can copy all my writing and such into that sleek, black piece of technology and no one has to cry if my laptop dies. Oh wait, I will most probably end up bawling my eyes out! Hehe!

And now: the killer footballs. I swear that football was trying to kill me!!! Once it hit my back - okay, so that could have been the boys' fault, but still! -, then it almost took my head off - yes, I know it went right over my head, but for a split second there I thought I was gonna die! - and then it tried to smash my face in - yes, I know it was the newbie boy who kicked the ball. Thankfully, a classmate - yes, a boy! - blocked the ball that came rocketting towards my beautiful face at the expense of breaking a bone. Okay, he didn't break a bone! He just winced! Anyways, that ball was cursed!

Finally, endless words! Yes, people, this has a lot to do with paper, and pen. It took at least 2 hours to write those 8 pages! What I'm trying to say is that Chapter 13 of Dragon's Blood has been written down - written, mind you, not typed - and all it has to go through is an editing process. So, good news for DB fans!

Oh, and that latest chapter of Quietus was so awesome!!! Lol!

Also, that football was cursed!

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