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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Naruto 599: Obito Uchiha [SPOILERS!]

First of all, do not read on if you do not wanna read spoilers! I've already warned you, so it's not my fault if you read on!

Oh, my gosh!!! How is this even possible???

Personally, I liked how the chapter introduced us to who Obito was when he was a kid. He seemed a lot like Naruto, to me. Crush on the female teammate, capable of greatness, complete goofball... oh, and the self-imposed rivalry between himself and the cool guy of the team!

Naruto 599 pg 2

I was totally sympathising with Obito till Kishimoto dropped the bomb. After that, I was only capable of incoherent speech!
This sort of gives me the idea that Tobi's boyish nature was actually Obito's childhood personality. It must have come easily to him!

Also, 'Tobi' isn't that far from 'Obito'...

Seeing how influential his teammates have been to him makes me realize that they aren't that different from Team Kakashi. No wonder Kakashi got Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura!

We didn't see much of Rin but I admit she was a bit like Sakura. Rin did have a crush on Kakashi, just like Sakura had on Sasuke.

I have no idea how the next chapter is gonna proceed because this chapter left me totally blacked out! I'm sure many are gonna agree!

Naruto 599 pg 14

I have absolutely no idea how Kakashi is gonna react to this! He looks pretty shocked right now. The guy has been visiting Obito's grave for more than 10 years, for God's sake!

Oh, and the deformed side of Obito's face seems to be from the boulders crushing him, right?

Naruto 599 pg 16

So, who else is excited about this epic chapter???

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Top 10 Songs

So, I thought of making a list of the 10 songs I'm currently obsessed over. Care to look?

10. Breath of Life - Florence + The Machine

I came across this when I was obsessing over Snow White and the Huntsman. The power in this song enraptured me for weeks. It still has that effect on me.

9. Vegas Girl - Conor Maynard

The thing I love the most about this song is how catchy it is.

8. The South Bank - Machine Vandals

I love the intensity of this song. I just love how it wonderfully played out in the Taken 2 trailer!

7. Fix A Heart - Demi Lovato

For some reason, this song sticks to my mind like glue!

6. The Game - Alyssa Reid

This song is smashing!!!

5. Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson

I love the message behind this song! Also, Kelly looks beautiful in this video.

4. Eyes Open - Taylor Swift

I love how true this song is!!! Perfect!

3. Give Your Heart A Break - Demi Lovato

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Demi's best ever!!!

2. Crushing Blow - Jack Trammell

This song is mind-blowing!!!

1. As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber


That's it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Review: Nightfall (Vampire Diaries: The Return #1) by L.J.Smith

Nightfall (Vampire Diaries: The Return #1) by L.J. Smith
Read from August 07 to 11, 2012
"Elena Gilbert is alive—again.
When Elena sacrificed herself to save the two vampire brothers who love her—the handsome, brooding Stefan and the sleek and dangerous Damon—she was consigned to a fate beyond death. Until a powerful supernatural force pulled her back.
Now Elena is not just human. She has powers and gifts that were bestowed on her in the afterlife. What’s more, her blood pulses with an overwhelming and unique force that makes her irresistible to any vampire.
Stefan wants to find a way to keep Elena safe so that they can make a life together. Damon, however, is driven by an insatiable desire for power, and wants Elena to rule as his princess. When Stefan is lured away from Fell’s Church, Damon seizes his chance to convince her that he is the brother she is meant to be with…
But a darkness is infiltrating the town, and Damon, always the hunter, is now the hunted; he becomes the prey of a malevolent creature that can possess him at will, and who desires not just Elena’s blood but her death."

Well, this book was okay. There were some really good parts in this book, but at the same time, there were confusing parts that didn't make sense at all. It's almost like Smith just rushed through writing this book!

I really like the relationship that Smith was building up between Damon and Bonnie. And, yeah, there is good chemistry between the two.

The horror in this book was... well, that was actually very good! There were some really good scare factors in this book, some that even had me looking about the room every once in a while!

Overall, I was very disappointed in this book.

My Goodreads review

Fan Fiction Recommendation: Ghostly Love by firooz

Title: Ghostly Love
Author: firooz
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Gaara
Summary: Yurei Nakamura was always special. And not special as in unique like all the other people with different Kekkai Genkai, but actually special. She can see and talk to ghost. Sounds odd and hard to believe, but it's true! Of coarse, no one believed her. So when Yurei and her family come to the Sand Village intending for a fresh start, of coarse she kept it a secret! But, when she's put on the team with Gaara and the Suna siblings, how does she cope with all the ghosts surrounding Gaara? What does she tell him when she finds out his mother's ghost was still with him? And can love overpower her fear for the red-head? Would he even let her in?

This one of the only 2 GaaraxOC fanfics that I read. This fic is pretty special to me 'cause I edit it, but this fic is really something.

Fan Fiction Recommendation: Chase by HasiVA

Title: Chase
Author: HasiVA
Rating: K+
Genre: Supernatural/Adventure
Fandom: Demon's Lexicon
Characters: Nick R. & Alan R.
Summary: Alan is in trouble and Nick will stop at nothing to get to his brother. Oneshot.

So yeah, this is one of mine. Actually, it's my first and only oneshot! 

Fan Fiction Recommendation: Ever After by ohwhatsherface

Title: Ever After
Author: ohwhatsherface
Rating: T
Genre: Family/Humour
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Sasuke U. & Sakura H.
Summary: SasuSaku Prompts Kissing Booth Challenge! Sasuke and Sakura enjoy the married life. And kissing. Especially the kissing.

A very sweet SasuSaku family fic! I loved every part of it! Even though the plot is pretty basic, I love how the author has addressed the prompts!

Fan Fiction Recommendation: Reliance by mybabu

Title: Reliance
Author: mybabu
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Drama
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Sasuke U. & Sakura H.
Summary: And so that was how it had been. He wouldn’t always come into her office to stare out her window. Some days, even weeks would pass before she saw him again, but true to his routine, he would soon be sitting in her office once more. SasuSaku.

This fic has no big good vs. evil plot, but is merely concentrated on Sasuke settling into Konoha and how SasuSaku develops. Nevertheless, the SasuSaku in this is so awesome! A must-read for all SasuSaku shippers!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: Night World Volume 3 (Night World #7-9) by L.J. Smith

Read from August 04 to 07, 2012

"The Night World is a secret society of vampires, werewolves, witches and creatures of darkness - a place too dangerous to fall in love. 

In Huntress, Jez Redfern is leader of the Night World vampires, but had an instinct to protect innocent mortals from her former friends ... Can She resist her desire for blood?

In Black Dawn, Maggie's brother, Miles, goes missing. Her search for him leads Maggie to the vampire, Delos, to whom she is strangely attracted. But while Delos lives, Miles could be lost forever.

In Witchlight, Keller is a shapeshifter. She is searching for a new Wild Power and battling her attraction to the dashing Galen. But it seems he can never be her soulmate..."

HUNTRESS: This was amazing! I loved the chemistry between Jez and Morgead! I love the new elements coming into play, too. When Rashel & Quinn were mentioned, I almost died! XD

BLACK DAWN: Again, amazing! Delos is such a badass prince and I love Wendy! I love Aradia, too! Hard not to!

WITCHLIGHT: Now this, was EPIC! It was all heart-pounding action from the beginning till the end! And the 'calm' love between Keller & Galen was amazing! I love Keller's character; she is strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Overall, this book was amazing! Beautiful, awesome, epic...

My Goodreads review

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FanFiction Recommendation: Weapons by Ninjasauras

Title: Weapons
Author: Ninjasauras
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Itachi U.
Summary: Ever since the days in the Academy, Itachi and Kaoru have been close friends. For as long as Kaoru can remember, Itachi has been the calm one that always does the right thing. So who will she turn to when he starts acting strange? Will she be prepared to risk everything to keep her life normal? ItachixOC **I do not own Naruto. I only own my OC's and this plotline**

This story kept me reading it for two straight days! I love the OC, Kaoru Uzumaki! I love how the author has established the relationship between Itachi and Kaoru!

Fan Fiction Recommendation: Crow's Feathers by the_hooded_girl

Title: Crow's Feathers
Author: the_hooded_girl
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Itachi U.
Summary: After years of banishment the fourth Suna sibling returns. But why now of all times and what is her connection with Konoha? It is said she was involved with a certain criminal organization. Are the rumours about her true? And why was she banished in the first place?

This is an awesome Itachi fic that has totally spellbound me from the beginning. It's very hard not to like the OC, Taryn Desertstorm, and this fic might even appeal to Gaara fans!

100 Blog Posts!

Yeah, so this is like my 101st blog post! Shocked? I am!

I didn't even notice this until I logged in today! LOL! Silly me!

By way of recognizing my 100th post, I've added a little something to the post.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Read from July 24 to August 04, 2012
"Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. Our world has been invaded by an unseen enemy. Humans become hosts for these invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact and continue their lives apparently unchanged. Most of humanity has succumbed.
When Melanie, one of the few remaining "wild" humans, is captured, she is certain it is her end. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, was warned about the challenges of living inside a human: the overwhelming emotions, the glut of senses, the too-vivid memories. But there was one difficulty Wanderer didn't expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.
Wanderer probes Melanie's thoughts, hoping to discover the whereabouts of the remaining human resistance. Instead, Melanie fills Wanderer's mind with visions of the man Melanie loves - Jared, a human who still lives in hiding. Unable to separate herself from her body's desires, Wanderer begins to yearn for a man she has been tasked with exposing. When outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off on a dangerous and uncertain search for the man they both love."

One word: WOW! This book totally blew me! I loved it word to word. There was beautiful character development and I love how Meyer built up the relationships between the characters.

Meyer never made the reader choose sides in this novel. There was balanced black and white  for both sides. In a way, she presented the reader with the same problems that Wanderer had to face.

In my opinion, the most amazing relationship was between Wanderer and Melanie. There's a significant development in their relationship  as the story goes on and they sorta embody a unity of the two species. I was very unhappy about Wanda leaving Melanie's body, but there was no other way, was there?

This book was overall a beautiful masterpiece!

I just hope Meyer continues this epic story, 'cause it's just too good to end!

My Goodreads review

Friday, August 3, 2012

Amanda Hocking's Watersong - Interesting?

Remember Amanda Hocking? Well, her Watersong series seems pretty interesting. I wasn't actually interested until I bumped into the series' Wake's book trailer.

Interesting, no? It's the first time that a book trailer has interested me in the book, but then again, this is a great trailer!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Always Listen To Opinion

Well, I've been reading The Host and I'm LOVING IT!!! Also, it taught me a lesson.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I read about how awesome this book while going through Meyer's stuff online and - I have no idea why - I wasn't that eager to read this book. My unhappiness with the The Twilight Saga movies influenced my opinion on the book series - which I had read - and this, in turn, dampened my eagerness to read The Host, which was a big mistake!

The Host is a very well-written book with a unique plot-line. I love the character development and the bonds that steadily form between the humans and Wanderer. I like how it's going slow with bumps and twists in the road from time to time. I'm still reading it though, so I have no idea how I'm gonna like the ending!

What excited me more was that it's coming out as a movie in 2013!

The Host movie poster

Surprisingly, the cast isn't so bad either. Saoirse Ronan as Melanie/Wanda, Diane Kruger as The Seeker, Jake Abel as Ian O'Shea, and Max Irons as Jared Howe! Yes, Abel looks like he'll make an alright Ian, regardless of what others seem to think. Max Irons is not how I imagined Jared but I guess there's a little bit of Jared in him. Saoirse seems like the perfect Melanie/Wanda though, even Meyer agrees!

I'm so excited for 29th March 2013!!! 9 days after my birthday, too.