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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Naruto 599: Obito Uchiha [SPOILERS!]

First of all, do not read on if you do not wanna read spoilers! I've already warned you, so it's not my fault if you read on!

Oh, my gosh!!! How is this even possible???

Personally, I liked how the chapter introduced us to who Obito was when he was a kid. He seemed a lot like Naruto, to me. Crush on the female teammate, capable of greatness, complete goofball... oh, and the self-imposed rivalry between himself and the cool guy of the team!

Naruto 599 pg 2

I was totally sympathising with Obito till Kishimoto dropped the bomb. After that, I was only capable of incoherent speech!
This sort of gives me the idea that Tobi's boyish nature was actually Obito's childhood personality. It must have come easily to him!

Also, 'Tobi' isn't that far from 'Obito'...

Seeing how influential his teammates have been to him makes me realize that they aren't that different from Team Kakashi. No wonder Kakashi got Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura!

We didn't see much of Rin but I admit she was a bit like Sakura. Rin did have a crush on Kakashi, just like Sakura had on Sasuke.

I have no idea how the next chapter is gonna proceed because this chapter left me totally blacked out! I'm sure many are gonna agree!

Naruto 599 pg 14

I have absolutely no idea how Kakashi is gonna react to this! He looks pretty shocked right now. The guy has been visiting Obito's grave for more than 10 years, for God's sake!

Oh, and the deformed side of Obito's face seems to be from the boulders crushing him, right?

Naruto 599 pg 16

So, who else is excited about this epic chapter???