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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My first nomination for The Liebster Award

I was nominated to do this by Catalina Blue of the emo wolverine writes. Thanks you so much for this!!!

Q1: Your favorite social media website and why?
Right now it's Instagram! I have no idea why but I just love the whole concept of #bookstagram, and all the bookworms there are so amazing and kind and  helpful. 

Q2: Do you think good and evil is most definitely good and evil?
Nope. I think it's not always just black or white (i.e. evil and good); that there're shades of gray. Sometimes people can be more evil than good, but ultimately they have at least a smidgeon of good somewhere inside them, so ultimately everyone's different shades of gray!

Q3: What do you usually do when you're faced with a difficult decision?
I just take a minute, withdraw myself from all the ruckus around me, and analyze the problem from all angles. Then I just take the decision that seems to be the best overall! :)

Q4: How do you manage to calm down if you find yourself in a panic?
I just stop thinking! If I can find a quiet place, I go there immediately, or I just stop talking and think positive thoughts! 

Q5: What is the most exciting thing to look forward to in school/university?
I'm done with school and am applying for universities right now, so I guess I can answer both scenarios! When it comes to school, the most exciting thing is the experience itself. You make friends, you learn so so much and you grow! You never realize it, but once you leave school, you do! As for university, it's the newness of it. Everything's gonna be new and strange, and it's just so exciting to just know that you're gonna venture into a place you've heard so much about but never experienced.
Q6:  What advice would you give to the you of five years ago?
I would definitely my 5-year-old self to do more sports! LOL! That's pretty much the only thing I regret from then!
Q7: Share the last share-worthy memory you have had.
That would definitely be my graduation! It was so much fun and so awesome! Everything went perfectly and that was a night I'll never forget! 
Q8: Television VS Internet- which would you rather let go of?
The one I can let got of would be television. I can survive without TV, but I'll probably go crazy without Internet! ;)
Q9: The best book you've read so far?
That's actually a pointless question to ask a bookworm since we pretty much have thousands of 'best books'. But I would have to go with City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, the last book in The Mortal Instruments series. I cried so hard after I was done reading that! ;)
Q10: What kind of art do you prefer to dabble in?
Honestly, I'm not an artistic person. I don't draw stuff or paint on canvas. Yeah, I know, I'm pretty boring! :P But I do have a thing for digital arts. I see so many fanart on Tumblr and I get so inspired by them!
Q11: Do you think your past should dictate your future?
Absolutely not! There's always time for a person change and go down a better path! I've actually seen many people do so, so I always think the past is the past and nothing else.
Wow! So this was pretty interesting and I got to write a blog post about something not related to fandoms, so yay!!!

Here are the questions for my nominees!
  1. Describe the last memorable moment you just experience.
  2. What's your opinion on being a vegetarian?
  3. Usually what kind of books do you read?
  4. What does your family mean to you?
  5. Do you have more real-life friends or online friends?
  6. What's the worst book you've read so far"
  7. How do you usually react to a scolding from your parent(s)?
  8. What is your favourite fandom?
  9. What's your ambition and how are you moving forward towards that goal?
  10. Do you like pets? If so, which pets do you prefer?
  11. Do you believe in happy endings?  
And my nominees are:

Catalina Blue of the emo wolverine writes
Candy Hartley of The Bookish Girl
Candace of Candace's Book Blog
Jude Henderson of In Between

Hope you have fun!

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