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Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review: The Last Testament by Sam Bourne

Read from December 01 to 13, 2015
"The Last Testament: It was written. It was lost. It will save us all.
April 2003: as the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities is looted, a teenage Iraqi boy finds an ancient clay tablet in a long-forgotten vault. He takes it and runs off into the night …
Several years later, at a peace rally in Jerusalem, the Israeli prime minister is about to sign a historic deal with the Palestinians. A man approaches from the crowd and seems to reach for a gun – bodyguards shoot him dead. But in his hand was a note, one he wanted to hand to the prime minister.
The shooting sparks a series of tit-for-tat killings which could derail the peace accord. Washington sends for trouble-shooter and peace negotiator Maggie Costello, after she thought she had quit the job for good. She follows a trail that takes her from Jewish settlements on the West Bank to Palestinian refugee camps, where she discovers the latest deaths are not random but have a distinct pattern. All the dead men are archaeologists and historians – those who know the buried secrets of the ancient past.
Menaced by fanatics and violent extremists on all sides, Costello is soon plunged into high-stakes international politics, the worldwide underground trade in stolen antiquities and a last, unsolved riddle of the Bible."
I definitely enjoyed this read a lot! Picking up this book, I had no idea whether I'll like it or what even the story was gonna be like; that blurb was pretty mysterious! Ha ha! Once I was done, I was just seriously in love with the whole story!

I've never dabbled in political thrillers before, but this was a good intro to the genre for me! There were so many elements playing out and everything just fit together pretty well in the end.

I'm thrilled at the hint that Maggie & Uri have a chance at a proper relationship; they just had great chemistry throughout the story!

Finally, that ending was pretty good! Didn't leave me wandering what else or anything; I just closed the pages with a content smile on. I'm really glad that this story turned out so well!

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