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Friday, January 15, 2016

It's 2016!

It's my first post of the new year and I'm so glad I still have this blog up and running! Cheers to me!

I'm prepared to make 2016 a whole lot more exciting than ever before! Last year was all about moving away from home, starting uni, trying to stay on top of my studies and making new friends. This year ought to be just as hectic since year 2 of MBBS is, supposedly, a toughie and it'll be my last year at Sunway before I move to Johor Bahru at the end of 2016. So much to look forward to!

I'm so excited to be making new year resolutions too! What better way to get myself motivated! Sooo, my super duper resolutions for 2016 areeee...

  • To stay on top of my studies and ace my end of year exams
  • To enjoy this whole year of studying
  • To manage my time much better than I did last year
  • To cook much more than I did last year
  • To read my goal of 30 books (my Goodreads reading challenge! Haha!)
Basically, I'm revved up to enjoy this year much more than I did last year! Which is gonna be quite a feat since last year was full of amazing stuff! Haha! 

Since I'm pretty much done rambling, I WISH YOU GUYS A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Hasini N. E.


  1. Happy New Year! You're studying for MBBS? Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery? So am I! :D

    1. Haha thanks! Oh wow! Small world! Which year are you? :D