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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Review: The Tuesday Blade by Bob Ottuman

Read from February 18 to 21, 2016
"The handles were eggshell-white pearl and the days of the week were hand-lettered on each one. She lifted out the Tuesday razor and snapped the case closed.."
Glory-Ann had the kind of body that men wanted badly. That made her a highly saleable commodity.
She still bore the scars of the time that young hoodlum charged the hometown guys a nickel each for her in the back of a car.
When she came to New York City in search of the swinging singles scene, the pimps marked her down as a natural. 
But Glory-Ann had a razor in her lovely hand and she was through with being anybody's victim...
So, The Tuesday Blade had a good plot line. I liked how Gloria's past influenced and I loved the character of Sergeant DeMario.

But there were some stuff that I did not like at all too. First, the writing style is pretty confusing most of the time. There was too much dialogue with not enough description. Sometimes it was like reading a character's lines in a play.

Also, the ending seemed to lack something. There was no climatic moment in any part of the book and the end of the book just sort of petered out.

I wish there had been more DeMario in the story and that there'd been more of a connection between characters and reader. The only way I can briefly describe is that it was an okay book but it lacked that 'boom!'

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